Hi I'm Jan!


I'm currently working on my master in computer science. When I find the time I also work on some side projects, some of which I'll present here. I'm programming stuff since ~2008. Originally self taught in order to create videogames. Nowadays also working on networking/sysadmin/Linux stuff.

You can check out some of my projects on my gitea instance.


  • mail: echo pgdw@cgobhex.erm | tr q-zg-pa-f q-za-p
  • security: pgp key

Languages I code in

Python, C, C#, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Bash/Posix Shell, HTML

Tools I use

vim, zsh, tmux, urxvt, i3(-gaps), SyncThing, Flask, web.py, Keras, node.js, PostgreSQL, Unity, Blender, a web browser

Music I listen to

A Perfect Circle, Aphex Twin, Architects, Arkona, Clutch, Ensiferum, Ghost (BC.), Iron Maiden, Korpiklaani, Middle Class Rut, Orange Goblin, Testament, Tool, Wintersun, and many more...