hi i'm jan!
a 20 year old computer science student at the leibniz university in hannover, who likes to release many of his projects as open source.

i became interesed in programming, when i wanted to create my own computer games back in 2006. my first steps were made with the game maker software, in which you could mostly click together a game, without having to program.
after creating a game project for a school competition i felt like moving into the third dimension. thats when i discovered the unity engine and the hammer world editor from the half life games. with unity, i had to actually learn how to program, because it didn't give you the ability to click together your logic. thus i came into contact with javascript and c#.

by now i am proficient in: c, c++, c#, java, javascript, python, html, css, sql

other hobbies of mine include: cycling, sports (mostly fitness), music and more recently: tinkering around with hardware

if you'd ask me what kind of music i like, those are the bands/artists i could list from the top of my head:
aphex twin, die ärzte, architects, clutch, hämatom, middle class rut, ministry, nightwish, nine inch nails, orange goblin, radio moscow, rammstein, pendulum, perturbator, primus, tool, she past away, slime

if you dont feel like browsing through this site, you can also navigate my public directory.
and you can also find me on some other sites: github,